A Blessing Ceremony is an unique ceremony to celebrate one’s journey into parenthood (as a first time parent, as parent of four, or by adoption, etc). This can be in lieu of or in addition to a baby shower (which is traditionally focused on the baby and a little on the birthing person). A Blessing Ceremony is a way for us to celebrate the parent, and to honor with lots of love and support.

Each ceremony is creative and intimate. This is meant to help the birthing person feel mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready to give birth with the sense of positive energy, support, empowerment and honor with loved ones.

Usually, this is a same sex-centered celebration, however each ceremony will be designed and created to meet each honored person’s wishes. Each Blessing Ceremony is unique to each person and none are alike. Together, we will celebrate and nourish both the person honored’s body and soul. We will raise energy for the wonders of pregnancy, birth and familyhood within a loving circle of support.

Blessing Ceremony Ideas

  •    Candle ceremony
  •    Positive affirmations
  •    Birthing Necklace beads ritual: Beads from loved ones near and far strung together into a necklace.  The end result will be stunning.  This source of strength is such a comfort for the birthing person, and can be used near/on the mother during labor, birth and beyond as a reminder of the love and support you have.
  •    Floral head wreath
  •    Cord ceremony
  •    Henna belly art
  •    Meditation stones to use during labor
  •    Sharing personal stories/best wishes
  •    Special sayings of encouragement on a piece of paper or cloth
  •    Foot bath



The family tend to bring what was created from a Blessing Ceremony to their birth room where they can be reminded of the support they have.


Together, we can create a Blessing Ceremony that is for YOU.

I am still floating on all the lovely things shared with me at my Mother Blessing. It was a truly magical and very beautiful time that I will forever remember and cherish. I feel blessed to have amazing family and friends near and far who made sure this day would be as special as it was. Thank you all for the light, love and warmth you send along my way, giving me uplifting energy to bring a new beautiful soul into this world soon. I felt abundance of radiant energy from all of the positive words. So, so much joy and love to my circle of support that I’m eternally grateful for. Very proud to be surrounded by these beautiful women in my life.”– Ally on her mother blessing experience

They say it takes a village to raise a child.
We say it also takes a village to raise a family.