Why Hand Waves Birth Services?

(Ally and Brittany stand next to each other in a open park with trees in the background. Ally is wearing a blue shirt and feathered leggings. Brittany is wearing an orange-reddish shirt and blue jeans.)

ALLY & BRITTANY: Hello, Hello!

ALLY: Are you wondering why our service is called, ‘Hand Waves Birth Services’? (A child runs in the screen and hugs Ally’s leg and smiles at the camera, Ally looks down lovingly and rubs his back and looks back at the camera)

BRITTANY: We want to represent the Deaf and the signing community. (The child runs off screen) How do we communicate? By using our hands. That is exactly the same as our services, which is to provide hands on support. (The child runs in to be beside Ally again)

ALLY: Waves is also our preferred word for contractions/rushes. They are like waves and bring us closer to shore, and waves bring us closer to baby’s arrival. (The chid sneezes twice)

BRITTANY: There is another way we use hands. How do hearing people applause? They clap.  What about the Deaf? We HAND WAVE (Deaf’s way of applauding). This gives us visual access. Our services provide full visual access.  (The child holds Ally’s hand)

ALLY: What is the sign for Hand Waves Birth Services? I’ll show it to you. (Signs Hand Waves Birth Services) (The child taps Brittany and points off screen and she nods to him and tells him, ‘It’s fine’) Why is this our services’ sign name? (Ally demonstrates belly growing sign) This symbolizes pregnancy and then with the baby’s arrival we have (Ally signs baby in arm). Our services provide support through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. So… (Ally signs: Hand Waves Birth Services)

(The camera zooms out, and now we can see Ally and Brittany’s full bodies)

BRITTANY: We have ASL signs related to babies and pregnancy using certain hand-shapes.  Here we go! (The child runs in screen, and runs around Ally)





ALLY: (baby/child) GROWING


ALLY & BRITTANY: (HANDWAVING!) That’s HAND WAVES BIRTH SERVICES! (The child gets in between Ally and Brittany)


Photo of Ally and Brittany zooms in with ‘Hand Waves Birth Services HandWavesBirth@gmail.com’ text appearing across the photo.