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Ally & Brittany, Your Doulas!

Ally's Intro

Hello, hello.  I’m Ally. I’m a Momma to two precious little babes. After my birthing experiences, my life changed forever. My heart grew fuller and richer. Waves of love and joy washed over me that will always be with me for the rest of my life. Beside the beautiful change in my heart, I also came to appreciate birth and support so much more now. Throughout my first labor and birth experience, I had an ASL interpreter with me who was so much more than just an interpreter. She was there for me as soon as I got admitted in the hospital until after my baby was born-  probably 36+ hours in total. She contributed greatly to making my birth experience more positive.  She was very reassuring, and kept me going with her positive encouragement. I am forever grateful for having her there with me. She was my “unofficial doula”. I had no clue what a doula was until afterwards. Realizing what it could have been like to have a doula at a birth got me determined to seek for one as soon as I got pregnant again. I wanted a doula that could communicate with me in my native language, ASL (American Sign Language). I wanted direct communication.  I struggled in finding one, and it became stressful for me as a pregnant momma hoping to find a doula that I would be comfortable with being able to communicate directly. It was frustrating, and I ended up with no doula. After a lot of thoughts, I realize, what am I waiting for? One of the reasons I am becoming a doula is to ensure no other families in the signing community experiences frustration in finding a signing doula/having direct communication in the DC/MD/VA area. I look forward to meeting you and your families wherever you are at in your journey, pregnancy, and familyhood. So, yes…. Birth MATTERS.

Brittany's Intro

Hello! Hello! My name is Brittany. I’m passionate about pregnancy, birth, and post-birth, the whole journey itself.  It is incredibly beautiful.  I’m a mom of two, and both of my pregnancies and birth journeys are completely different. I’ll be explaining those.  With my first, I gave birth in the hospital.  My whole journey was based on what people said I should do, and I just followed that. I was not given resources, I did not really know much.  When I was ready to give birth, the doctor said I needed an episiotomy, which means my vagina is cut in the muscular area, and I went ahead with it. Afterwards, my recovery journey was tough and painful. I was overwhelmed and frustrated.  It was my first time being a mom, breastfeeding, and giving birth.  When I got pregnant again, I decided to do a lot of research, and found a lot of information.  I knew what I wanted, and became confident.  I decided to give birth at a birthing center. I was by my own pace, my own decisions. I had a lot of support, information, and resources.  That experience was wonderful.  I had a nurse there who took upon the role as my doula.  She was wonderful! She made my birth amazing.  She provided support, tools, love, and she truly cared.  She made sure my husband and son were involved in the birth. She had a funny and wonderful personality.  Thanks to her for making my birth incredible. With those two completely different experiences, it made me realize I wanted to make sure all families out there are provided full support with information, and resources.  They should feel empowered, loved, and positive about the whole journey.  Each pregnancies and births are beautiful.

The DTI Social Justice Steering Committee works closely with DTI leadership in an advisory and collaborative role.  The SJSC engages with culturally sensitive and pressing questions and re-imagines what a doula organization committed to social justice could look like and what actions the organization could take to make it one where all people feel respected and heard.  In addition, the SJSC helps DTI rethink the way it prepares doulas to be truly culturally competent birth workers.”

— DTI SJSC website

We are on the Social Justice Steering Committee  with Doula Trainings International where we share the goal of making changes for the better in the organization, our communities and the birthing world. Together, we value diversity and challenge injustice and continue to share/learn different perspectives for better understanding. This is an exciting ongoing process!

Go to DTI’s SJSC webpage to read everyone on the committee’s brief bio’s.

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