Deaf birth and postpartum doulas; building bridges between the deaf community and the birthing world by making it accessible in American Sign Language (ASL). One wave at a time.

Hello! We are Deaf birth and postpartum doulas here to support you and your family during this exciting and precious time! Families going through periods of pregnancy, birth and postpartum should be honored, supported, and celebrated. As your doulas, we are always by your side.

We are also social justice activists who are passionate about advocacy and value cross-cultural communication, inclusion and accessibility for all.  We believe that each family’s journey is unique and precious and that they all deserve equality in resources, information, and birthing opportunities.


Empower yourselves by learning what you need to know about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum health, and other relevant topics. When it comes to your journey, we believe that self-education is important, after all, knowledge is power.


Pregnancy and birth can be life-changing for all involved: birthing person, partner, and family. It is important for everyone to be recognized, given space, and to be celebrated.


Consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement, and respect throughout families’ journeys are essential. Each family has unique needs/wants and deserve nonjudgmental memorable and empowering experience. Your beautiful journey awaits you.


The postpartum period begins after the delivery of the baby, and this involves the body progressing through many changes, both emotionally and physically while learning how to deal with all the adjustments required with becoming new parent(s). Families need to take good care of themselves to rebuild their strength.